Community Outreach

About Foodraising Night

Foodraising logoKizin Creole believes in a philosophy that centers on building a strong, positive and healthy community where everyone and every entity are doing their fair share. The Foodraising Night program is an initiative to help support the causes of many organizations, churches and schools in the community.

Any organization, regardless of ethnic or cultural affiliation can submit a request to host a FoodRaising Night at Kizin Creole Restaurant. This is a great way to rally the community to support a good cause. A member of the organization will work together with a member of the Kizin Creole staff to design a program where the guests will enjoy authentic Caribbean cuisine, have fun, network and raise money for the organization’s cause. Our goal is to build unity among the diverse community in which we live  and to create ways to give back to the community. Magic Johnson once said: "If the community is happy, then they support your business and if your business is doing well, then you can give back even more to the community."

Who's Eligible?
To qualify, an organization must be a registered 501c3 (IRS letter required) with a Tax I.D. number. Also the organization must be registered with the state of Illinois and in good standing. Any organization, including churches, community centers, schools and clubs, is encouraged to apply if it believes that the cause will contribute to a strong, positive and healthy community. .

How FoodRaising Night Donation Works?
Kizin Creole Restaurant will donate a percentage, based on the number of guests in attendance, of the net food and beverage sales generated by the supporters, family and friends of the organization on the specified FoodRaising night. A minimum of 20 guests is required for a donation to be made. The more invited guests, the greater the donation percentage.  

20-29 guests = 10%
30-49 guests = 15%
50-99 guests = 20%
100+  guests = 25%

Kizin Creole will create  the flyers and admission tickets if necessary; and the organization will be responsible for promoting  the event and encouraging  supporters to attend. The event will set up as a buffet and guests are required to make reservations online and prepay for tickets. This is also a great opportunity to showcase the positive work that your organization has been doing; and/or the services you are providing to the community.

Fill out the online FoodRaising Request Form with all the details, including description and title of the cause, the date and time, and number of guest expected.  You may also download a word or pdf version then email it back to us. The event can only be scheduled between Monday-Thursday 5-9 pm. The submission of the form does not guaranty qualification. The selection is based on a first come first serve basis, the FoodRaising cause, and the availability of  space. Upon receipt of the application, an e-mail confirmation will be sent and once approved, an approval notification will be sent via email and  Kizin Creole  will prepare  flyers  and set up the event online.

Any organization with a fundraising idea may call the restaurant and set up an appointment to meet with the manager.


More Details


Submitting an application for FoodRaising Night does not qualify the organization to host an event at Kizin Creole Restaurant.  Please submit the application at least two (2) months prior to the anticipated date of the event. Applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis and require approval of the restaurant manager.  Within two (2) weeks, the organization will be notified of a decision. Upon approval, the organization will receive an email confirming the acceptance of the application. The organization then has twenty- four (24) hours to provide all the required documents and to sign a contract.

Once the agreement is signed, Kizin Creole will design/print the flyers and/or tickets and provide them to the organization to start promoting the event. The name, logo and printed materials provided to the organization are the sole property of Kizin Creole Restaurant and must be used solely to promote the event. The use of these items for any other reason requires the approval of Kizin Creole management.

Kizin Creole will donate between 10%-25% of net revenue from the event to the organization. (Net revenue = gross sales less taxes and other printing and advertising expenses). A minimum of 20 guests must be in attendance to guarantee a donation.

Approximately five (5) business days following the event, Kizin Creole will issue a check to the organization for the total donation amount. A record of the number of guest will also be available for the organization to review. Kizin Creole  encourages the organization to keep track of the number of guest as well.

Kizin Creole Restaurant reserves the right to terminate all or any portion of the event for any reason without notice. Any expenses incurred by the organization for the promotion of the event will not be reimbursed.

The organization agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Kizin Creole Restaurant, its parent, affiliates, directors, officers and employees from and against any claims, including but not limited to injuries, theft, etc.,  by any third parties while on the premises or surroundings of the restaurant.



As stated above, after the application is  reviewed,  an email will be sent to regarding the approval status.  If approval is granted,  it’s time to promote the event.  An  electronic version of the flyer, and/or printed copies will be provided.  Promoting ideas are as follows:

  1. Mail or hand the flyers out to members of the community at church, schools, friends and family
  2. Use social media: Facebook and Twitter, post the flyer on the organization’s Web site, send it via email.
  3. Talk to local community radio hosts and ask for help to expose the event to the public.
  4. Get the local Chamber of Commerce on board too!
  5.  Ask friends and family to help get the word out and invite people.

Remember, the more people invited guests, the more successful the organization will be at reaching its fundraising goals.




Can the organization cancel the FoodRaising event?
Yes. Within one (1) week of the scheduled date. The organization is responsible for notifying the guests of its decision to cancel the event. Keep in mind, if the organization cancels the event, the organization will need to submit a new application to host another FoodRaiser.

Can the organization change the date or time of the FoodRaising event?
The organization may only change the date or time before the flyers/tickets have been printed. The organization should promptly notify Kizin Creole of any change.  Keep in mind that Kizin Creole cannot guarantee a new date or time and the organization will be placed on a waiting list. Once  the event is published, no changes can be made. Please take care in planning the event to avoid any costly mistakes.

A confirmation email was not received, what should the organization do?
When submitting the application online, make sure the submission was successfully completed. If  an email confirmation is not received within twenty-four (24) hours of submitting the  application, please call 773-961-7275. Resubmitting the application; or downloading to a word or pdf version to manually complete and email to Kizin Creole, might be required.

When should the organization expect to receive the check?
Since most  guests will pay using a credit card, Kizin Creole need to make sure that all transactions are processed and cleared by the bank. The FoodRaising check will be available for pick up approximately five (5) business days following the event.  If preferred, Kizin Creole can also mail the check to the organization's mailing address.

Can the check be made payable to my name or someone from the organization?
No, the check should be made payable to the organization’s name only. Make sure that the organization has a bank account.

How will the organization know how much money was raised at the FoodRaiser?
Kizin Creole will record the number of guest in attendance.  The organization is encouraged to keep its own record as well.  The percentage will be calculated accordingly. Keep in mind that the amount of the donation is based on net revenue. Invite as many guests as possible to increase the donation amount.

How often can I host a FoodRaising Night?
Organization can host multiple events throughout the year.